Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Today's Show: Stephen Lang, eliminated Dancing with the Stars couple

Stephen Lang ("Terra Nova") and the latest eliminated "Dancing with the Stars" couple are scheduled to appear today.

Feel free to comment during the show.


  1. This morning we have been treated to hearing about Whoopi who apparently likes to sit on the toilet for long periods of time and not talk on the phone.  We hear about how she had to pay people off "back in the day" (yesterday) to keep their mouth shut about her exploits.  We hear Sherri talk about Niecy Nash talking her out of tearing up some guys car who broke a date with her.  ( I wonder when this was-I simply must google this info and see how long they have been friends)  She referred to Niecy telling her to call Barbara Walters-so was this since she worked for her?  And now Whoopi tells us the last time she was in turbulence on a plane she peed on herself.  I can practically smell the bong water, stale cigarette smoke and days old urine through the television.

  2. When they have these people on who have been kicked off Dancing with the Stars, they need to put then in their dance costumes.  Puke-double puke.  Phillips landing in greasy Bill's lap-my eyes!! my eyes!!! 

  3. You think just like me Katie

  4. Sherri says "We love Chaz"  I do not believe her.  Did anyone hear the dancing guy saying something like.."yeah-I believe if they are picked to be on our show they are winners  and I refuse to believe...trails off..What was he going to say?!?  a)  it is appropriate to call this show Dancing with the Has beens?  b)  that the only reason I have a job is ABC is so cheap than rather than produce actual television shows with actors and scripts, they produce silly reality shows and constantly cross advertise on them for free?        I thought I had sent this message a while ago -came back to computer and it is still sitting here.  Going to post anyway.

  5. I don't believe SS about Chaz one bit either katie.

    I had whip lash today during some not topic about Ashton/Weiner and Joe the Plummer? WTH?

    So bored with the ipad/blackberry endless discussions.

    My jaw hit the floor during the lesbian 'discussion.'

    SS determined to trash the guys car probably 2 or 3 years ago - no words. She dragged BW into it as well.

    All the catch up on trials - just leave it alone or do a good job.

    On the Today show they gave a short concise follow up as to why Murray deviated from standard care of patients

    - propofol for treatment of insomnia is gros negligence
    - not meant to used in the home
    - there was not an alarm on the machine
    - he left MJ alone
    - he didn't call 911 for 20 min. (ambulance there in 4 min)
    - Murray never documented anything

    (There, how long did that take to say - without interruptions)

    Not likeing Celebrity Tweets, ask the lawyer, doctor etc segments

    But I do love asking EH 'and just where is your fashion line this season?'

  6. Here is a story that supports my theory as ABC being Fox Jr-

    Make sparks.  Right.  Hmm-is ABC getting Monday night Football back?  Is that why they had Hank jr. on?  So many questions-and I have so many theories.

  7. He alerted people in the house, had a cell phone in his hand (had stepped outside the room to make a call to a girlfriend leaving MJ alone), was too busy cleaning up the scene. Actually medical people did not arrive until 24 minutes later, iirc.

    Gave half hearted CPR with just one hand while MJ on the bed. NEVER do CPR on a soft surface.

    He wasn't in the room, delayed endlessly, did everything the wrong way.

  8. Roger-one of Michael Jackson's bodyguards wanted to call 911 and Murray would not let him (or discouraged him-not sure)  The doctor knew he was in deep trouble and was holding off (JMO)  I have worked at Doctor's offices and if a patient is in distress-even if a doctor was present-the proper protocol would be to call 911.  I believe Murray is guilty on many levels-I am not saying he intended to kill him, but by prescribing him medication (that he was not authorixed to prescribe-my understanding is that this is anesthesia to be administered by an anesthesiologist) he ultimately killed him.  Delaying 911-bad call.  If he is found guilty-he will be out of jail in a few years and practicing again.  The bodyguards should have called 911 anyway in retrospect but when you are in an emergency situation like that you tend to think the doctor is in charge.  Just my two cents.

  9. Do no harm.  Lohan was facing more time for stealing a necklace than this pr&ck is...

  10. I was surprised that his sentence, possible sentence is 4 yrs. not that I would want to spend any time in jail/prison I'm like thats not the most time ever. It is weird.


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