Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Today's Show: “How To Get Free Stuff”; coupons, luxury items, cool things for kids, beauty products and clothing

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth

The theme of today's show is how to get things for free.
They also talked about ways to stretch a product so it lasts. Hasselbeck said she squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. Sherri said she orders drinks without ice.

Sherri is in the new "Moves" magazine. She's featured with powerful women and says she feels like a grownup.

The first segment featured author of "The Coupon Mom's Guide To Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half" author Stephanie Nelson. Stephanie says you can save about $100 week by using coupons. She thinks of it as a part time job and explained the four ways you can get food for free. She said the easiest way is going to the company of the products you like, send them a nice note letting them know how much you enjoy said product and they will send you coupons. She said many times, the coupon will be of items you can try for absolutely free. She showed a table full of items that she obtained from using those coupons.
The next way to get free groceries is to be patient and wait for a sale. Stephanie said companies send out coupons knowing people will want to use it. She said make sure to not use it on full price. She said don't be embarrassed using them; many times people don't know and if they do you can tell them how much you've saved over the years.
The third strategy is to ask stores what their coupon policy is. Stephanie said many stores will double coupons (ex. 25 cent coupon is worth 50 cents; 50 cent coupon is worth $1.00). She said if you don't use a particular brand you have a coupon for, you can donate the item.
The final way to get items free is to use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. You can usually find store coupons in the circulars inside the store and manufacturer coupons are in newspapers or sent to you. They are labels as such on the top (next tot he expiration date). If a store coupon says $1 off, and a manufacturer coupon says $1 off, you can combine them to make $2.00 an item.

Michael Fazio joined them to talk about how to bitch for dollars. He goes by these steps:
The Golden Rule - He said complaining to an art form requires integrity and strategy, however, if you abuse or overuse, you lose. Michael said don't try and turn a 15 cent problem into a $500 reward. He advised to assess whether you have a valid problem, what's in it and solve it.
Act immediately - Deal with the person in front of you. Michael said you can accomplish a lot if you treat the person in front of you with respect and professionalism. He uses things like "Hey, does this seem fair to you"", or "If you were in my shoes..."
Know Your Target - This is corporate intelligence, which Michael describes as intense. He said this involves knowing who's who in the company and how to get to them. Michael said you can find the info on the company website but it may be hidden in the fine print. He said look for titles like "Corporate Governance", "Investor Relations", or executive titles that have the words "sales" in them.
Spread the word - Michael said you have a lot of power going to the internet. He said is his favorite site to complain. He also said they rate you as a complainer and if you have a big social network, you will be taken more seriously. Michael said also gives the company a chance to respond.
The first example Michael showed of complaining to get free stuff was of being "bumped" on an airline flight. He said get to the airline early, don't have your seat assigned, go to the counter and volunteer your seat on the flight. He said them sit where they can see you, don't bug them and if it happens, it happens. Michael then said you can get a hotel room for free by calling an asking the hotel for specials. He then cited a hotel that charges $8,000 room per night, saying you buy one night you get one night free. That just sounded ridiculous.
Michael then showed how to get theater tickets for free. He said for every $1 you spend at you get points which can be redeemed for free theater tickets.
Michael also showed how you can sell your unused gift cards given to you at, where you can get 50-90% of the value.

In the next segment Jenn Falik appeared to discuss ways to get beauty items for free. She said the first thing to look to is social media, like Facebook and Twitter. She said you can get free stuff that way. Jenn said you can also go to a company's website to try out new products they have just for signing up for their newsletter. Jenn also talked about how you can get free spa services if you walk into their stores. She said you can get a free face treatment, arm massage, etc. just for asking. She also said if you go to, you can click on their sample center and request products to try. She said you can pick three products if you spend at least $5 on the site.Jenn also said you can obtain free clothes by going to

"The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations" author Jane Buckingham appeared in the final segment. Jane was there to talk about how tyo get free stuff for your kids. She said you can go to to get free classic children's books on tape. She also said you can get movies and DVDs from
Jane said provides a text service that you can use to text messages for free. She also discussed how at Gamestop, you can ring in old video games and swap them for new ones. I personally don't advise thia as I think you don't get as much for the games as you would by just selling them buy whatever.
And finally, she showed the website; where you can print cut, fold and color paper toys.

That concludes today's show. Have a great day.


  1. What were the places they featured to get free stuff?

  2. I've only seen the coupon lady but I thought she did a terrifc job. My newspaper has gone online and I don't get many magazines any longer so I appreciated the tip to email companies that have products you really like, or just go to their site and print off coupons. Hadn't really thought about that.

    There aren't any stores in my area (that I'm aware of) that offer double coupons but getting things for free and donating them to food drives, etc was a terrific idea. Think of pet stuff too for those in need.

  3. I could not watch after hearing the hosts talkabout melting pieces of soap together to save money-I mean, really, there is only so much bullsh*t I can take.


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